Annalise Vanderbilt, better known by her stage name, Mrs. Vanderbilt, is an on-screen personality who is most notable as the former primary owner of World Elite Wrestling.

Annalise Vanderbilt
Birth name Annalise Vanderbilt
Ring name(s) Mrs. Vanderbilt
Billed height 5'9
Billed weight 125 lbs.
Born Concord, New Hampshire
Resides Concord, New Hampshire
Billed from San Jose, California
Trained by
Debut 2014

World Elite Wrestling (2014)Edit

In the beginning of 2014, the Chief Financial Officer of WEW, Annalisse Vanderbilt, filed charges against the entire Burke family. Annalise claimed that the Burke's offered an unsafe work environment for their employees and that, with the help of an inside informant, could prove Selena and Dorian Burke were embezzling money from the company. On April 14, 2014, a bench trial was held and the judges found the Burke family guilty on all charges. Dorian and Selena were arrested and fined while Alakai and Zharya agreed to relinquish their roles as primary owner and Commissioner of TNT, respectively, to evade their fines. Zharya and Alakai attempted to make their presence felt at WEW's third Retribution pay-per-view; however, Vanderbilt had Alakai beaten and apprehended by her personal security team and threatened Zharya backstage with the same treatment. The Burke's appeared to disappear from WEW programming until the third birthday celebration for WEW during a Super Animosity. Mrs. Vanderbilt opened the show with carnival dancers and a cake shaped after the WEW logo. However, the dancers turned out to be Alakai and Zharya dressed in masks and the two promised to out Vanderbilt for her lies before throwing cake on her. The following week on the final show before Legacy: Jamaica, Zharya called out Vanderbilt and told her that she knew exactly who her inside informant was that helped her build a fake case against the Burke family. Zharya proceeded to promise Vanderbilt that if she did not face her at Legacy: Jamaica for control of WEW, she would reveal her informant live at that moment. Vanderbilt, fearing the consequences of breaking the contract she had with the insider informant, agreed to a No Disqualification match. During Legacy: Jamaica, Priscilla Oliveira, the part owner of WEW, was revealed as the informant. Later on during the match, several interferences from both sides eventually led to Zharya pinning Vanderbilt following her Red Alert finishing maneuver to gain ownership of WEW. Zharya and Alakai proceeded to fire both Vanderbilt and Priscilla post-match.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing Maneuvers
    • Underhook DDT
  • Signature Maneuvers
    • Smack
    • Clothesline
  • Managers
    • Vanderbilt Security Detail
  • Entrance Themes
    • "All Grown Up" by Jacki-O

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

WEW Awards

The WEW Awards are awards given out annually by World Elite Wrestling to honor members of its roster. Annalise has received one award from three nominations.

Year Nominated Work Award Result
2014 Principal Owner of WEW Staffer of the Year Won
2014 Mrs. Vanderbilt vs. Zharya Burke Match of the Year Nominated
2014 Mrs. Vanderbilt vs. The Burke Family Feud of the Year Nominated