WEW Titan Championship
Lena Galante
Date won January 9, 2015
(aired January 9, 2015)
Brand Animosity
Promotion World Elite Wrestling

The WEW Titan Championship is the second tier championship title in the World Elite Wrestling federation currently on the Animosity brand. The first champion was Ryan Jackson, who won it at WEW's Battlefield pay-per-view in a battle royal. Currently, Catelyn Vaine and Trish Newborn hold the most reigns as the champion with two. Trish Newborn's first reign sets the record of the longest reign in the belt's history with 164 days. The shortest reigning champion is Chase Harper, with 20 days. The championship went to Animosity for the first time ever following the conclusion of a dual-championship scramble match at Legacy: Jamaica when Dexter Black was proclaimed the champion.


The first champion is Ryan Jackson who won it at WEW's Battlefield pay-per-view in a battle royal which consisted of the losers from the Beat The Clock matches and the Gauntlet qualifier matches. He lost his championship at the WEW Countdown to Demise pay-per-view against Catelyn Vaine. Vaine's reign came to an end after an Open Challenge was put out by Nathan Parker and was answered by Chase Harper, who went on to defeat her; however, Vaine went on to regain the title merely two weeks later. Vaine would again lose the championship, this time to Dolph Ziggler, on an edition of Adrenaline. Dolph finally lost the championship on day 127 of his reign in his second title defense against up and coming Elitist, Eric McKay. Almost two months later, Eric McKay would lose his championship at Shattered Dreams to Adrian Jobs, who competed earlier in the night against Kevin Kilbourne for a shot against Eric. On May 24, 2013 in a Championship Scramble, Newborn won the title by causing one of the participants, Kevin Kilbourne, to tap out. On October 15, 2013, Trish Newborn became the longest reigning Titan Champion. Trish's record-breaking reign was brought to an end when she was defeated at the Crossroads pay-per-view by Gabriel Asar. Trish regained the championship from Gabriel at the Third Degree Burns pay-per-view to end their feud. Trish vacated the championship on Adrenaline for a match against Shady Layne for the World Championship. The vacated title was won by Dexter Black during the first-ever dual-championship scramble at Legacy: Jamaica to bring the championship to Animosity for the first time. Randy Fields won the championship at Crossroads III in a triple threat match after pinning Josh Carano. On January 9th Randy competed in an open challenge he announced which was answered by a newcomer to the main brands, Lena Galante - Lena defeated Fields to become the new Titan Champion.



# Indicates what number the reign is
Date The date in which the championship was obtained
Venue The event where the championship was obtained
Notes Any additional important information on how the championship changed hands
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Name Date Venue Notes
1 Ryan Jackson December 11, 2011 WEW Battlefield

Jackson won a battle royal in order to become the inaugural WEW Titan Champion.

2 Catelyn Vaine February 26, 2012 WEW Countdown to Demise Vaine became the first female to ever hold the Titan Championship.
3 Chase Harper July 22, 2012 WEW Crossroads Won the championship in his WEW debut after being chosen for an Open Challenge by Nathan Parker.
4 Catelyn Vaine August 10, 2012 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Alistair King acted as the Special Guest Referee of the match.
5 Dolph Ziggler October 5, 2012 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Dolph Ziggler won his first championship in WEW, defeating Vaine on Adrenaline. 
5 Eric McKay February 8, 2013 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Super Show

Eric McKay defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Las Vegas street fight on an Adrenaline Super Show.

6 Adrian Jobs April 7, 2013 WEW Shattered Dreams After defeating Kevin Kilbourne earlier in the night, Jobs defeated Eric McKay via submission.
7 Trish Newborn May 24, 2013 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Newborn won the championship in a Championship Scramble by making Kevin Kilbourne submit.
8 Gabriel Asar November 3, 2013 WEW Crossroads
9 Trish Newborn December 8, 2013 Third Degree Burns II
Vacated April 18, 2014 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Trish vacated the championship in exchange for a championship match against Shady Layne for the World Championship at Retribution.
10 Dexter Black June 29, 2014 Legacy: Jamaica Black won a Championship Scramble match that also involved the Universal Championship and effectively brought the Titan Championship over to the Animosity brand.
11 Randy Fields October 19, 2014 Crossroads Fields defeated Black and Josh Carano in a Triple Threat Match.
12 Lena Galante January 9, 2015 WEW Super Adrenaline Galante answered an Open Challenge by Fields in her debut match.

List of individual reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

As of January 21, 2015

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Trish Newborn 164 May 24, 2013 November 3, 2013
Catelyn Vaine 144 February 26, 2012 July 22, 2012
Trish Newborn 132 December 8, 2013 April 18, 2014
Dolph Ziggler 127 October 5, 2012 February 8, 2013
Dexter Black 112 June 29, 2014 October 19, 2014
Randy Fields 83 October 19, 2014 January 9, 2015
Ryan Jackson 78 December 11, 2011 February 26, 2012
Eric McKay 59 February 8, 2013 April 7, 2013
Catelyn Vaine 52 August 10, 2012 October 5, 2012
Adrian Jobs 47 April 7, 2013 May 24, 2013
Gabriel Asar 35 November 3, 2013 December 8, 2013
Chase Harper 20 July 22, 2012 August 10, 2012
Lena Galante 13+ January 9, 2015 Current

As of January 21, 2015

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Trish Newborn 2 296
2. Catelyn Vaine 2 196
3. Dolph Ziggler 1 127
4. Dexter Black 1 112
5. Randy Fields 1 83
6. Ryan Jackson 1 78
7. Eric McKay 1 59
8. Adrian Jobs 1 47
9. Gabriel Asar 1 35
10. Chase Harper 1 20
11. Lena Galante 1 13+

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