WEW Universal Championship
Stefan Raab
Date won October 19, 2014
(aired October 19, 2014)
Date established June 2011
Brand Adrenaline
Promotion WEW

The WEW Universal Championship is the second tier championship title in the World Elite Wrestling federation, currently hosted on the Adrenaline brand. The first champion was Ligeia Cariosus, who won the championship at WEW's first ever pay-per-view in a Fatal Four Way match. Currently, Vantage and Flame both share the most amounts of reigns as champion, with two each. Stefan Raab holds the record for the longest reign as Universal Champion, at an on-going 204 days. The Broken Saint holds the record for the shortest reign with 15 days. The championship went to Adrenaline for the first time ever following the conclusion of a dual-championship scramble match at Legacy: Jamaica when Emily Poison was proclaimed the champion.


The first champion was Ligeia Cariosus, who won the championship at WEW's first pay-per-view, Free Fall to Fury in a fatal four way match. The match was named the Second Life Fatal Four Way fore all the competitors were former losers of the WEW and WEW Starlets Championship tournaments. However, Ligeia was released after losing her championship to Brie Bella at the next pay-per-view: Cyberslam. Brie Bella had won the shot at the championship earlier on in the night in a Cyberslam battle royal. The title changed hands once again at Shattered Dreams when SM Raye defeated Brie Bella, and Brie later left the company. A night after Halloween X, where SM obtained the King of the Ring crown and defeating his nemesis Priscilla Oliveira, the Universal Championship was stripped from Raye when he was drafted to the new WEW brand, Adrenaline. The new Universal Champion was decided after a miniature tournament which led to Vantage defeating Chris Cane, Broken Saint, Rocky J, and Chris Matthews in a ladder match to win the championship. His 199 day reign came to an end at WEW's Legacy pay-per-view, in which he lost to Alistar Bane after a long heated feud. Vantage went on to regain the championship at the Crossroads pay-per-view in a ladder match. At the Third Degree Burns pay-per-view, Vantage dropped the title to The Broken Saint in a triple threat match. The championship was vacated only two weeks later following Broken Saint's release, and awarded to Flame, giving Saint the shortest reign in Universal Championship history. Kevin Hunter defeated Flame on the February 8, 2013 edition of Adrenaline. On March 4, 2013 edition of Animosity, Flame regained his championship in a rematch. In a first-ever Hell's Asylum match, Brian James defeated Flame for the championship at the Battlefield pay-per-view. James would lose his championship in a "Winner Take All" match at the Legacy: Hawaii pay-per-view event against Chance Rugani where the WEW Championship was also on the line. Rugani would drop the championship to Dexter Black in a Triple Threat Match at the Beach Brawl pay-per-view in which he put the championship on the line against his New Regime partners, Black and Chris McKenzie; the match was revealed to be a ploy for Black and Rugani to turn on McKenzie, thus kicking him out of the group. Black lost the championship three months later to Chris Dunn. Dunn would lose the championship at WEW's Legacy: Jamaica in the first-ever dual-championship scramble to Emily Poison, thus bringing the Universal Championship to Adrenaline for the first time. Poison lost the championship to Stefan Raab at Crossroads III. Raab surpassed Chris Dunn's record-setting reign at the conclusion of Battlefield IV and became the longest-reigning Universal Champion.



# Indicates what number the reign is
Date The date in which the championship was obtained
Venue The event where the championship was obtained
Notes Any additional important information on how the championship changed hands
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Name Date Venue Notes
1 Ligeia Cariosus July 17, 2011 Free Fall to Fury

Ligeia pinned Jason Krow in the Fatal 4 Way match to become the inaugural WEW Universal Champion.

2 Brie Bella August 21, 2011 WEW Cyberslam Brie was entered as a last minute participant to the Ligeia vs. Ariane Chevalier match after having won the #1 Contendership to the championship earlier in the night. Due to the Cyberslam theme, the match was a Last Woman Standing and after neither Ligeia or Ariane could answer a 10 count, Brie was crowned the new champion.
3 SM Raye September 25, 2011 WEW Shattered Dreams Raye became the first male WEW Universal Champion.
Vacated October 31, 2011 After SM Raye was traded to the newest WEW brand, Adrenaline, he was forced to vacate his championship.
4 Vantage November 21, 2011 WEW Monday Night Animosity Vantage defeated Chris Cane, Broken Saint, Rocky J, and Chris Matthews in a Ladder Match to win the vacated title.
5 Alistar Bane June 3, 2012 WEW Legacy Alistar defeated Vantage in a Last Man Standing match.
6 Vantage July 22, 2012 WEW Crossroads Vantage defeated Alistar in a Ladder Match.
7 Broken Saint October 28, 2012 WEW Third Degree Burns Saint pinned Vantage in a Triple Threat match which also included WSG.
Vacated November 12, 2012 WEW Monday Night Animosity The Universal title was vacated by General Manager Jayceon Taylor after Broken Saint failed to perform a second week in a row.
8 Flame November 12, 2012 WEW Monday Night Animosity Later on that same night, Jayceon Taylor awarded the Universal Championship to Flame following the scheduled main event on Animosity.
9 Kevin Hunter February 8, 2013 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Defeated Flame in a Tables match.
10 Flame March 4, 2013 WEW Monday Night Animosity
11 Brian James May 12, 2013 WEW Battlefield James defeated Flame in a first-ever Hell's Asylum match.
12 Chance Rugani July 28, 2013 WEW Legacy: Hawaii Rugani defeated James in a Winner Takes All match where the WEW Championship was also on the line.
13 Dexter Black September 8, 2013 WEW Beach Brawl II Black defeated Rugani and Chris McKenzie in a Triple Threat Match.
14 Chris Dunn December 8, 2013 WEW Third Degree Burns II Dunn defeated Black in a Steel Cage match.
15 Emily Poison June 29, 2014 WEW Legacy: Jamaica Poison won a Championship Scramble match that also involved the Titan Championship and effectively brought the Universal Championship over to the Adrenaline brand.
16 Stefan Raab October 19, 2014 WEW Crossroads III

List of individual reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

As of May 10, 2015

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Stefan Raab† 204+ October 19, 2014 Current Champion
Chris Dunn 204 December 28, 2013 June 29, 2014
Vantage 195 November 21, 2011 June 3, 2012
Emily Poison 113 June 29, 2014 October 19, 2014
Vantage 101 July 22, 2012 October 28, 2012
Dexter Black 91 September 8, 2013 December 8, 2013
Flame 89 November 12, 2012 February 8, 2013
Brian James 77 May 12, 2013 July 28, 2013
Flame 69 March 4, 2013 May 12, 2013
Alistar Bane 49 June 3, 2012 July 22, 2012
Chance Rugani 43 July 28, 2013 September 8, 2013
SM Raye 37 September 25, 2011 October 31, 2011
Brie Bella 36 August 21, 2011 September 25, 2011
Ligeia Cariosus 35 July 17, 2011 August 21, 2011
Kevin Hunter 24 February 8, 2013 March 4, 2013
Broken Saint 15 October 28, 2012 November 12, 2012

List of combined reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

As of May 10, 2015

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Vantage 2 296
2. Stefan Raab† 1 204+
3. Chris Dunn 1 204
4. Flame 2 158
5. Emily Poison 1 113
6. Dexter Black 1 91
7. Brian James 1 77
8. Alistar Bane 1 49
9. Chance Rugani 1 43
10. SM Raye 1 37
11. Brie Bella 1 36
12. Ligeia Cariosus 1 35
13. Kevin Hunter 1 24
14. Broken Saint 1 15

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